please shade your eyes

before i get to the real post, a public service announcement:

SUNDAY, we will be at the dervish barring any travel snafus. come play!

and now….hello glowmonster!

my deepest apologies to my chicagoites who are buried under snow for this first bit of glow:

i love spring. the weather today is wispy clouds and blue skies and perfect temperatures. it’s impossible to not be caught up in the vibrancy of it. i ran errands today, smiling to myself and i could tell that everyone who made eye contact with me was like “dude, sunglasses please!”

i think i will bore you with a list of some of the things i am beaming about today 🙂

i am excitedly looking forward to a packed pizzanight tonight and another next week in nola.

i am so grateful to have friends who are willing to open their houses, lives and quiet to take us in for weeks on end. it reaffirms what i have created a family of my own and i adore pouring my energy into that love and connection.

i am incredibly grateful to be so footloose and fancy-free that we can make this journey every year – touch so many people (well,not *all* like that, dirtybirds!)

i am beside myself that i get to hold my first niece in 2 days!!! and with any luck, 2 more before leaving the south 😀

i am in love with this moment and the fact that my life has come to a place where i am living in each day, each moment and how good it is. i am grateful i don’t lament the loss of any “better days”, but that i look back at past times with the satisfaction of those joyful memories.

i feel giddy and calm all at once – today, i feel like one feels in a perfect warrior pose with every limb enraptured in the ecstasy of feeling so extended.

there is a country song (yes, when driving alone, i almost exclusively turn country stations up REALLY loud and sing along – my dirty little secret) that talks about writing a letter to yourself at 17. oh the volumes i could write. but perhaps it all comes down to: don’t run. find happiness in today, and then wake up and find happiness in tomorrow. the rest will take care of itself.

3 thoughts on “please shade your eyes”

  1. It’s really coming down out there now. This morning when I woke up, I thought “I wonder if it snowed?” In response, I hear a plow thundering down the street.

    Can’t wait to see y’all in a few weeks- let me know if your ingress/egress takes you out by Batavia (about 40 miles west)- you’re more than welcome to stop by. I’m sure Kaylee and Sam wouldn’t mind the extra company either 🙂

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