I’ve beed writing about and sharing my life online for almost 20 years now. During that time, I’ve collected quite the archive of my journey. I recently jettisoned the really bad poetry and other bits that didn’t withstand the test of time, but below are links to my journal archives and creative writing projects.

Journal Archive: 1999-2002

For a number of years, I self-published and then I used Blogger for a time. These pages are formatted for my previous website, but you can get back here with the link in the upper right on any screen. Flash way back >>

Journal Archive: 2002-2010

These were the LiveJournal years, where my posts became more of a daily accounting of the quirks of daily life. I imported them all into WordPress, so you can find them over in the Flashback to LiveJournal category.

Writing Projects

Since high school and all through college, I did a lot of creative writing – mostly short stories. Once I got some web skills, I self-published more dynamic versions of some of them. I am suppressing the urge to redo these, so please accept them as the snapshot in time they are 😉

Control Issues The Night Before
Power: a collection Rage
Sanctuary The House