the yoganess

today marked my 13th day of yoga while in austin, which, given my 10 days off for bad leg, and two weekends out of town, that means yoga 13 out of 19 available days. that makes me very proud.

i feel really great about this jumpstart, and i am a little excited that the week return to austin after nola will mean another week of spoiling myself with yoga classes.

it’s funny how much coming back to a regular practice spins into more yoga-topic thinking for me. i already have mini-goals on what strength/core things i want to focus my energy on in the coming months. i have a better sense of what parts of the series i can take out for a shorter but still targeted practice. and i find myself hankering to read more of the yoga anatomy book that my sister got me for xmas.

its nice to be reminded that in my dream-world, i retire to be a yoga-teaching flower-farmer 😉

2 thoughts on “the yoganess”

  1. Do you know ? If not, you should introduce yourself. The two of you would make some very yoga goodness. She’s studying teaching yoga, and teaches some classes, I think at Yoga Yoga.

    1. i do, and she has been on my unfortunately long list of people i was hoping to catch up with. perhaps if my bonus week in austin isn’t crazy with work, i can hunt her down for some coffee and chatter. , care to be tempted?

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