the tour update

some things have shifted around with The Tour, so i wanted to update folks on our slightly-shifted dates!

(this) saturday, march 22 – we head to houston

sunday, march 23 – we arrive in nola

sunday, march 30 – we head back to austin

sunday, april 6 – we head to oklahoma city

tuesday, april 8 – we arrive in chicago

later dates will be posted as we get to them 🙂

our shiftiness is to balance our delicious hostess’s allergies with our mass volume of catness, plus d’s potentially low tolerance of babiness, compounded by our complete phobia of parking our truck anywhere but firmly in m&a’s driveway (really, who needs to tempt fate for another round of this?) 🙂

i think we found a perfect balance of time to spend with friends against any potential discomfort on anyone’s part and i will make sure to schedule things carefully so we have plenty of time to see all our nola bunnies! 🙂

One thought on “the tour update”

  1. Well, I know there’s the truck issue, but our guest accomodations have improved (fold out couch AND better air bed!) and we can never have enough cats. So if you need a backup, we are here!

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