in case you needed more examples of my overachieving ways…

i give you the bathroom plan notes in all their glory.

at this point, i expect that the design firm we are hiring can hit the bulls-eye with 95% accuracy. in truth, the goal was to minimize their cost by really thinking through and fleshing out the ideas we did have to the point we could. in many ways, i am hiring them to double-check me and make all the suggestions for materials that i am loath to locate and obtain myself.

though i suspect that if i did a few more projects like this, i could call myself a professional 😉

2 thoughts on “in case you needed more examples of my overachieving ways…”

  1. ….am I going to be able to *live* in your shower? that’s…all your shower, right?

    I think my bedroom at Payal’s place was the size of your bathing facility. I’m not sure what to say about that 🙂

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