highly amusing

not that i don’t have anything of substance to share, but mostly i am sick and don’t have the energy to actually craft any words for you.

so in the meantime, enjoy this excerpt from the Thursday Morning Quarterback columnist that my boy loves to read:

The Prize for the North American Cycle Courier Championships Was Lost in the Mails:
The latest North American Cycle Courier Championship was held in Boston. That’s right — a competitive race for bicycle messengers. Tuesday Morning Quarterback suggests these other sporting events based on everyday modern life:

Western Hemisphere Speed Barista Challenge: Objective is to get through the line at a high-end coffee shop and obtain a half-skim double-caramel rapafrapazapachino before your double-parked car is ticketed. Use of elbows technically illegal, but skilled competitors get away with cutting the line.

North American Multitasking Finals: Contestants must drive an SUV, talk on a cell phone, use a PDA and watch a movie on a portable DVD player simultaneously, without striking spectators.

East Coast Recycling Evasion Championships: Contestants must get rid of glass bottles and plastic containers without using recycle bins; severe penalties for being caught.

Suburban Soccer Mom Rally: Entrants must take children to sports events on opposite sides of a county at the same time, while picking up dry cleaning, buying school supplies, shouting into a cell phone and evading randomly located traffic jams.

Regional DMV Marathon: Contestants must get through the line in a Department of Motor Vehicles office. This day-long event characterized by foul language, pushing and shoving. Warning: Clerks may ignore you even if you’re standing right there!

Spring Sojourn: Fo(u)r Play!

It is my pleasure to announce our 4th annual walkabout dates! 😀

you’ll notice in our decadence, we are leaving a bit earlier this year, yet again increasing our time in austin…someday thad & stacie will say they have hit their threshold with us, but until then, i suppose we’ll just keep testing it.

Map with all details is here.

Details below:
Jan 21 – Redding, CA – pass out

Jan 22 – Jan 24 – Healdsburg, CA – 3 happy days of wine tasting

Jan 25 – Bay Area, CA – visit liz & mike (is this good for you? 🙂

Jan 26 – Feb 3 – Saint George, UT – time with d’s parents

Feb 4 – Tucson, AZ – pass out

Feb 5 – Ozona, TX – pass out

Feb 6 – Mar 25, Apr 5 – Apr 22 – Austin, TX – Settle in for a nice, long visit, interrupted by a field trip to nola

Mar 26 – Houston – visit b’s parents

Mar 27 – Apr 4 – New Orleans, LA – More food, more wine, more merrymaking.

Apr 23 – Hays, KS – pass out

Apr 24 – Apr 27 – Denver, CO – Visit Paul & Sarah

Apr 28 – Tremonton, UT – pass out

Apr 29 – One of the wine valleys in WA/OR – pass out, wine taste, drive home (note the order!)

Apr 30 – HOME!

thanksgiving, indeed :)

man-oh-man did i need this holiday 🙂

after a 21-hour 2-day week, i turned off my work laptop on tuesday night, and sunk into the bliss of 5 whole days off in a row.

wednesday was filled with general life and house puttering. i made pizza sauce, i prepped a few things for thanksgiving in seattle. i played a little with my new droid (yes, apparently even i can find lust in my heart for smartphones, though i doubt i will ever feel the all-consuming passion that many do 🙂 then we went to dave & rebecca’s around 3:30 and gamed and made pizza and hung out until 10ish.

thursday, we succeeded in catching an 11am ferry and settled into an afternoon of cooking, snuggling and general food and friend goodness. it was lowkey and delicious on all fronts. i’m soooooo happy that this has become our thanksgiving tradition 🙂

friday was sleeping in way late, lounging about and eventually going out the the Merc. it was great to drink and dance and generally be a social, chatty creature. i was definitely feeling deficient in this department.

we headed home on saturday, watched movies, snuggled kittens and today has been cleaning, soil sifting, christmas planning, wall-scraping, and other domestic bliss.

so all in all, i feel immensely grateful for time with friends and time for myself. i could still use another 5 days, but that would just be greedy, huh? 🙂

zephyr just blew my mind

my adorable old man has always been particularly cute when he “pretend sprays” things in the house. obviously, it’s cute because he is pretend claiming things 🙂

i was just sitting in the hot tub and witnessed with my own eyes, him ACTUALLY spraying something.

my head exploded.

in his entire life, i have never seen it happen for real, and now i have to wonder when he figured it out and if he understands inside vs. outside.

i have fear in my heart.