no good

can be expected from the entirely horizontal snow outside the window of my plane in Chicago.

complete with cranky, vocal passengers, i can only hope that our pilot will soon make it successfully off his last flight and onto ours soon.


cheery TSA

flying out to Philly this morning, i stood in line at security for 45 minutes at 6:45am. when i got to the TSA check, the woman asked how i was. i replied and asked how she was.

she looked around, looked at me and replied “I’m in the pit of hell. ..look at this!”

that’s certainly the ambassador that TSA is looking for; )

stupid brain

apparently my stupid brain didn’t think 3 12-14 hour workdays in a row, running at mach speed to meet a delayed deadline on a project where the clusterfucks are indescribable was enough – APPARENTLY at the end of day 3 of madness, i ALSO need insomnia and starting my period.

i don’t even think fate is mocking me….i think she’s just looking at me out of the corner of her eye and thinking…”whoa.”

thought for fellow cat owners

an idea just struck me for helping you travel with your cats.

we own a power adapter that converts cig lighter into plugs. get one,and get the kitty pheromone plugins. start it up before you put your guys in the car and run it for a while while on the road. cats respond SO strongly to the safe versus bad smell, and i think that would chill out even the most difficult guys.


we are on our way to bryce canyon right now & the blanket of pristine rolling hills of snow is literally sparkling like microfine glitter.

amusingly, this made me ask the question…
knowing the twilight author is a mormon in UT, do you think this sight could have been her inspiration for the vampire’s sparly white skin? that’s TOTALLY what it’s making me think of!

ms_xtine has bent the space-time continuum tonight

had i been any more intoxicated when i arrived at local’s tasting room this evening, i might have even believed i made it all up.

but as the boy, don_negro, royalbananafish & settled in to have the last tastes for the evening, the owner looks at me and says “oh…i know who you are! you guys are in from seattle, right?”

david and i exchange glances and smile. this *was* our 4th year, and we had seen her many of them.

and then she says “there was a woman in here not too long ago who was talking about you. that you ran a business together years ago.”

i looked puzzled and said i couldn’t imagine anyone would be in locals talking about me, and that she must be mistaken.

and she said “graphic artist, right?”

and i just started laughing and realized, *of course*, that it had to be christine.

it was like you were there with me, getting our drink on, and remembering conduit dinners, and the world shrank and froze for just a moment.

how fucking cool is that?