thought for fellow cat owners

an idea just struck me for helping you travel with your cats.

we own a power adapter that converts cig lighter into plugs. get one,and get the kitty pheromone plugins. start it up before you put your guys in the car and run it for a while while on the road. cats respond SO strongly to the safe versus bad smell, and i think that would chill out even the most difficult guys.

One thought on “thought for fellow cat owners”

  1. You could also just prime the car with the kitty pheremone spritz. Why didn’t I think of that when I was on the road with Potter? Who knows. We went to Glenn’s the other night and I think something about the smell of his kitty with the spots (who is part wildcat) made Potter go ballistic. I sprayed the house down, and he chilled right out.

    (Squeeee! I love my potter!)

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