Spring Sojourn: Fo(u)r Play!

It is my pleasure to announce our 4th annual walkabout dates! 😀

you’ll notice in our decadence, we are leaving a bit earlier this year, yet again increasing our time in austin…someday thad & stacie will say they have hit their threshold with us, but until then, i suppose we’ll just keep testing it.

Map with all details is here.

Details below:
Jan 21 – Redding, CA – pass out

Jan 22 – Jan 24 – Healdsburg, CA – 3 happy days of wine tasting

Jan 25 – Bay Area, CA – visit liz & mike (is this good for you? 🙂

Jan 26 – Feb 3 – Saint George, UT – time with d’s parents

Feb 4 – Tucson, AZ – pass out

Feb 5 – Ozona, TX – pass out

Feb 6 – Mar 25, Apr 5 – Apr 22 – Austin, TX – Settle in for a nice, long visit, interrupted by a field trip to nola

Mar 26 – Houston – visit b’s parents

Mar 27 – Apr 4 – New Orleans, LA – More food, more wine, more merrymaking.

Apr 23 – Hays, KS – pass out

Apr 24 – Apr 27 – Denver, CO – Visit Paul & Sarah

Apr 28 – Tremonton, UT – pass out

Apr 29 – One of the wine valleys in WA/OR – pass out, wine taste, drive home (note the order!)

Apr 30 – HOME!

4 thoughts on “Spring Sojourn: Fo(u)r Play!”

  1. It works for me, I’ll double-check with Liz.

    But you know, if you just stayed until the next weekend, you could go to ZAP. You wouldn’t even have to drive afterwards 😉

  2. I think so…but at the moment my schedule is subject to random. (I found out today that I might be in Oregon for work next week. But just for Wednesday.)

    We might come taste wines with you. You simply must go to Armida, among other places, because it is coo.

    In Redding, I recommend the Red Lion. It has lovely fluffy beds. You should also check out the sundial bridge, if you haven’t already, because it is nifty. The walk along the river path there is nice, too.

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