thanksgiving, indeed :)

man-oh-man did i need this holiday 🙂

after a 21-hour 2-day week, i turned off my work laptop on tuesday night, and sunk into the bliss of 5 whole days off in a row.

wednesday was filled with general life and house puttering. i made pizza sauce, i prepped a few things for thanksgiving in seattle. i played a little with my new droid (yes, apparently even i can find lust in my heart for smartphones, though i doubt i will ever feel the all-consuming passion that many do 🙂 then we went to dave & rebecca’s around 3:30 and gamed and made pizza and hung out until 10ish.

thursday, we succeeded in catching an 11am ferry and settled into an afternoon of cooking, snuggling and general food and friend goodness. it was lowkey and delicious on all fronts. i’m soooooo happy that this has become our thanksgiving tradition 🙂

friday was sleeping in way late, lounging about and eventually going out the the Merc. it was great to drink and dance and generally be a social, chatty creature. i was definitely feeling deficient in this department.

we headed home on saturday, watched movies, snuggled kittens and today has been cleaning, soil sifting, christmas planning, wall-scraping, and other domestic bliss.

so all in all, i feel immensely grateful for time with friends and time for myself. i could still use another 5 days, but that would just be greedy, huh? 🙂

One thought on “thanksgiving, indeed :)”

  1. my Droid makes me want to weep for joy. Part of my new found love of running is the spreadsheets and auto map creation found in My Tracks. Give in to the all consuming power of Google, and the Droid gets all that better.

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