november? really?

it’s hard to believe we are careening toward thanksgiving already.

things continue to be busy but good. for the last couple of weeks, the boy has worked less and slipped back to his earlier state of houseboy, which (of course) makes me giddy. i wouldn’t cry if this was the trend for the future.

the good:

we just ordered this for the greatroom. 360 degree swivel will mean this baby can play nicely with both the living room and the kitchen side. i’m very excited 🙂

i thought my gerber daisy discover card was very me, but now my capital one card has a photo of jack and ponce as kittens asleep together. it’s a good thing i am no longer a compulsive spender, or these adorable credit cards would be problematic!

we are slowly making headway on prepping the garden for winter and next spring. today we got 3 bins of chicken poop from dave & rebecca so we can get fertilizer in to enrich the soil all winter.

next weekend is early friends-thanksgiving with dave & rebecca’s closest friends and then we have thanksgiving proper in seattle with our beloveds there. i am starting to feel like the karma angels are purposefully creating loving, friend-filled thanksgiving events to help wash away my original distaste for the holiday 🙂

the bad:

apparently we missed one of the cats presents to us, and downstairs has the distinct smell of death in the air. we have torn apart the zen room and bedroom and found no culprit. the search continues.

2 thoughts on “november? really?”

  1. I was once lured by a sexy awesome circular chair. I hope yours is a lot more comfy than mine was…too long to sit in, too short to lounge in and OMG getting it through a doorframe…. eeh.

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