san francisco recommendations?

so i am looking for some suggestions of things my sister and i might do with our mom while we are in san francisco next week. i don’t want to be turbo-touristy, but i figure a few structured things will likely help make things go more smoothly.

is alcatraz at all interesting? how about the go-see-the-bay-from-a-ship-and-sip-some-booze-maybe-at-sunset deals?

we are staying in the fisherman’s wharf area, so obviously we’ll wander the parks and waterfront.

any restaurant suggestions?

hit me! 🙂

6 thoughts on “san francisco recommendations?”

  1. In the random really cool things department I always loved the Exploratorium. It is hands down the coolest science museum I’ve ever been too.

  2. I found Alcatraz fascinating, engrossing and haunting. And it’s a fun boat ride to get there. I had read about the American Indian Movement’s takeover of the island in the 1970s – you could still see where they defaced some of the prison signs and the gov’t repainted over parts of it. So much history – and a seagull sanctuary, and pretty gardens that I didn’t really have time to see – in one little rocky, windy place. I could have spent most of a day there.

    San Francisco is so beautiful that it’s hard to go wrong.

  3. Hi dear,
    Visit the Palace of Fine Arts, The Japanese Tea Gardens, and while walking around North Beach / Litle Italy, which is just pass Chinatown on Grant, you wil find awesome food. My favorite is Mona Lisa’s

    Hope you have fun. I personally do not lile Alcatraz, but a walk along the golden gate is very rewarding.

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