its been a lovely day – yoga at ruta maya, grocery shopping for next week’s tasty menu, a lovely sunny warm day.

then the boy and i free-range-walked (yes, no leashes – the daring!) the kittens.

jack was booking toward the neighbor’s house across the street. i was walking like a normal human being after him one moment and then with a pop-slide of my right calf muscle, i was suddenly gimping after him.

david carried me inside and then herded kittens in.

i am praying that its not a tendon thing, maybe just a crazy cramping thing? after a few hours of ibuprofen and alternating heat and cold, i have slow ability to fully extend and flex and i can ease into putting full weight on it with my leg straight, but the walking is still not possible. i can gimp along on my toes with my leg bent with minimal discomfort.

maybe i’ll wake up tomorrow just golden, but right now i am pissed that i can’t go to the club tonight and dance.

really really pissed.


here’s to a more walkable tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “borked”

  1. If it was a tendon thing, it would be closer to your ankle or knee. It’s probably just a wicked cramp from all the yoga you’ve been doing.

    On the other hand, my right ankle- particularly when it’s cold and I have to sprint across the parking lot- likes to remind me “HEY! Remember when you used to skateboard? *STABBITY*”

  2. eep!

    The one thing ginger tea won’t cure 🙁

    JJ is right, tho, most tendon issues originate closer to the joint. Not to say the body is not chock full of other things to tear, but most muscle attachments in the legs happen at joint level. Here’s to hoping it’s just a borked soleus or something 🙁

  3. Sorry hon. *hugs* Hope you’re doing better today. I’ve had to deal with that before with Noel, but she’s got her own sets of issues, and she totally would have made me put her in the wheelchair and taken her dancing. 🙂

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