we interrupt this ExtraDay for some yoga chirp

today, for once, i am workalicious.

but i felt a compelling need to pause and chirp.

the last 2 weeks of attending yoga classes has been so yummy.

yesterday, i was able to remember my locks and the thrill of stability they bring. every day, i feel myself getting stronger, more able to breathe (rather than gasp), and closer to that SoInLove feeling that makes me want a daily practice.

i am basking in the little nuggets of Knowledge from matt.

for the first time, i completely understand the mechanics of how the floating happens in vinyasas (not that i think i will get there for another decade!).

i am feeling my spine lengthen and my body uncoil.

this was a very lovely gift to give myself 🙂

5 thoughts on “we interrupt this ExtraDay for some yoga chirp”

  1. I bought some prenatal and postpartum yoga videos yesterday. I am looking forward to eventually having my body back. Looking forward to the day when my toes no longer look like snausages and I can once again move my legs freely.

    1. i’m glad you did! you will most certainly see your adorable toes again…just be patient with yourself and do all those good healthy things you are already thinking ahead about. if nothing else, the yoga will help with stress too 😉

  2. Right now in one of my elective classes, we’re covering Byzantine art. I thought about your pictures of Turkey and used the description of a lot of those buildings as a topic. Of course, leave it to the engineering geek part of my brain where most other people would go “wow, look at the beautiful ceiling art,” I think “Wow, look at that arch construction- all that radial geometry done without so much as a calculator!” 🙂

    When are y’all coming by Chicago again? Some time in the next two weeks, yes?

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