lions & tigers & bears, oh my!

i have found the most fun way to watch strangers’ heads explode:

have david walk through a zoo with a tiny blond-haired, angelic-faced, 3 year old girl with a giant grin holding his index finger or, better yet, riding on his shoulders singing to herself.

people simply don’t know how to react. they just *gawk*.

we spent a delightful weekend with david’s business parter (and old college roommate) and his wife and 3 kids. there was much good food, tasty wine and vodka, a lovely trip to the zoo, and pleasant chatter. they are stellar people, and i find it so pleasant to spend time with a brood of children who have intelligent, active, interested parents.

i conquered both the small shy black kitten and the children, leaving with tokens of love and the joy of being the one who both little ones (4 and 3) wanted to hold hands with at the zoo. my kid meter is full and glowy 🙂

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