lj slacker

i really need a belen-clone to keep lj updated 🙂

come to think of it, i could use a belen-clone for quite a few tasks, as i’m sure a few of you could too 😉 i’ll let you know if i ever manage to figure *that* out!

in the meantime, i will have to find quiet little moments to keep up with the flow of life.

there has been plenty afoot aside from WorkWorkWork, but its hard to remember that sometimes. work is pretty all-consuming, but still primarily enjoyable. its just hard to want to work when its mid-june and 70 and sunny! 😀

so, what news, belen?

  • tatooine has been experiencing disruptive and sometimes disastrous raids by the Empire’s Darth Ponce. David Skywalker is doing his best to protect the land from the evil and incredible energetic forces of the Empire’s newest sith, but methinks it will be some time before he is successful. meanwhile, we all pray that the sith does not become the master 🙂
  • we are hosting gaming weekend on the island this weekend, which should be deliciously geekalicious
  • the end of june will bring the sealing of the deck project (boooo!) and the painting of the office project (YAY!!!)
  • my gardens are starting to look like real, honest-to-god gardens. you can easily tell weeds from plants. we have eaten our first radishes as of last week, and i am looking forward to a summer of tasty food and pretty flowers. my daisies are about to explode 😀 (pictures forthcoming)

      i have other anecdotes, but currently i need to shower off the yoga glean, wake the boy, cook some breakfast and get to the incredibly long day ahead of me!

      <mutters> where is that clone?

4 thoughts on “lj slacker”

    1. does the girl have time to come hither for gaming love? 🙂 we would love to have you….it looks like sat. noon through sunday afternoon with intermitant food is the agenda. let me know!

  1. Ooo radishes. I just got the peas harvested (sad and pitiful showing it was, have to remember to get organic seeds next time the commercial seeds for peas are awful.) Had a great time learning that two of the trees in our back yard are mulberries. My mother and I spent two afternoons putting out plastic under them while I clambered up and shook all the branches. The only problem we had is that having left the the tarp out to dry on the lawn for a little to long some of the grass ended up burnt, hopefully it’s not too bad it looked like it was only the tops of the blades. There are some amazing pies that have come out of that effort though. I have to admit to being most pleased, as almost everything is the garden is in and done except for the weeding of the squash/melon mound. At this point I’m pretty much down to watering and adding the occasional mulch and soon I should be doing some heavy harvesting of the herbs, peppers and tomatoes.

    1. it’s so hard to wrap my brain around how late the growing starts here 🙂 it doesn’t help that i wasn’t home to start things indoors earlier, but its just bizarre that things will bloom/be edible in late july or august.

      i’m so glad that your yard is giving you all the growing love 🙂 it seemed like it was going to be idea with sun and space. yay pies and fresh tasty things!

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