so this week i have succeeded 4 days in a row to get up at 6:45ish, check on the world, and start a 30 minute yoga session by 7:30am.

i cannot put to words how good it makes me feel to have accomplished this.

my days have been hectic and busy since returning, with work and garden and kittens making it feel like i don’t have enough hours in the day…so the obnoxiously early sunrise, coupled with kittens who LOVE to snuggle at 6:30am have created a situation where i can actually make it out of bed way early.

and that has meant adding yoga back into my day.


and with yoga has come the resurgence of Kitty&MeYoga.

zephyr, when quite little himself, played this game with me and i missed it 🙂

ponce occassionally pounces and plays, but mostly, he finds whatever crook or nitch my body is currently making, curls into it, and purrs.

as i change positions, so does he.

when i am doing sun salutations or vinyasas, he sits between my hand blocks so my body comes down to barely touch him and then he stares up at me and purrs while i am in downward dog.

talk about zen. kitten purrs should be sold as yoga music 🙂

6 thoughts on “Kitty&MeYoga”

  1. tiny kittens who love you should be sold as antidepressants. i found myself making cooing noises just reading this post.

    rio just stares at me when i dance or do yoga. no purr sounds, but it is nice to have an audience.

    1. Boo, you had to ruin the sweet mood. *poke* I was all smiley at the image of the kittens purring during yoga, and you have to point out about Misty trying to hold on when you wanted to put him down. *frown*

  2. Doggie yoga?

    Our cats mostly stare at me while I do yoga, but our puppy Daisy likes to curl up at the front of my mat, and when I’m in downward dog she sometimes imitates me by play bowing, or using me as a bridge to sit under while staring up at me inquisitively. There’s actually a studio in New York I think that holds yoga classes where you bring your dog and they do the practice with you.

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