is this my life?

today, i am signing my final agreements with anheuser-busch to work with them on the tutorial projects. it feels like such a monumental moment…a rite of passage.

i know i have worked with BigBoys before, but i’m not under anyone’s umbrella this time. its just me, belen. never mind that i cannot list them on my portfolio…its still a huge door to have opened for me.

it seems so surreal…

as luck would have it, amazing projects for great clients are raining upon me (4 major and 3 minor thus far), and through the end of march, i am going to be up to my eyeballs doing what i do best – and of course, traveling across the country.

i am giddy.

i am nervous.

i am reminding myself that with tasklists, careful organization, good use of my time, and taking care of myself with yoga, eating right and attempting to relax occasionally, i will come out the other side of this feeling like a rockstar.

i am living a (very busy) dream.

10 thoughts on “is this my life?”

    1. because they, like many BigBoys, have a legal department that is obsessive about control. technically, their name is a trademark with “market capital” behind it, and if i listed it on my website or refernced it in any advertising, it could be interpreted as an endoresement, tying their VeryImportantName to me. that, of course, is too big a risk. what if tomorrow a news story breaks that i am a mass-murdering whore who is endorsed by AB?

      its stupid, but that is the cost of doing business with many fortune 500s – the e-learning companies i work for often cannot mention who their clients are for the same reasons. i could mention in conversation to a potential client that i did work for AB, but i cannot put it anywhere in writing as proof of my relationship with them.

      1. Well on the bright side, you’re already a rockstar in my book. You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and the people with the big guns know that! Even if you can’t take names you can still kick ass. 🙂

  1. congrats, that is awesome. i can really relate to that sense of job satisfaction now. kicking big corporate ass can be fun when you have mad organizing skills!

    btw, do you know when-abouts you guys will be in nola? we’re trying to plan the next few months events 🙂

    PS: did you guys ever catch up on battlestar? oh my frackin’ gods, eh?!

    1. i am guessing that we will be there right around the beginning of april and stay for almost 2 weeks (we’d be looking to drive in on a weekend, have a weekend in town, and then leave on a weekend to minimize impact on work days). a stab in the dark at this point would be arrive 4/1, leave 4/15. if that shifts, it would be to earlier rather than later by a week.

      and yes, battlestar is breathtaking. we only watch it with rian or glen, but we are caught up at the moment. maybe the two of you will have the power to persuade us to cheat 😉

      1. hey, now! I am patiently waiting to watch with you and here you are already fliritng with others 😉
        And I know Chrysteen is also hoping to make you cheat. . . Ah, the competition. I have no hope!

  2. oh, that’s SO EXCITING! *is giddy with you*

    sucks that you can’t list them in your portfolio though. *holds a minor grudge against stupid technicalities*

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