really….more snow?

yesterday, i had a whole rant percolating deep inside me about the fact that last week’s snow has refused to melt and this week there is more snow.

it involved a lot of WTF’s and grumbles about the fact that i was promised mild winters and snow every three years…as well as how silly it is to feel trapped when i have nowhere i really want to go 🙂

part of my crankiness came from realizing that our cul-de-sac has one HUGE problem: the suburban cannot climb it in the snow. the poor baby, with her rear wheel drive, cannot get her fat ass more than half-way up the hill. time for snow chains and some rock salt for just such occasions.

however, my crankiness faded considerably when the boy decided it was perfect snowman-building weather, bundled up and went to channel his inner-eight-year-old.

it was so damn cute and his creations were…well, i just wanted to nibble his cold little ears 🙂

see the boy’s snow day!

aside from this burst of cuteness, i am really done being charmed by the snow. tomorrow, we need to go run errands, and sunday we head to scoop up mistressmaya in Olympia. i really hope the temps can raise just enough to make this damn snow go away. i want to see my ground – my *street* – again 🙂

8 thoughts on “really….more snow?”

  1. Man, if I could just find a place to live where it is snowy (and not too windy) 2 months of the year, I’d be thrilled. Calvin-ish snowmen are the best pastime!

  2. i am really done being charmed by the snow.

    Comments like this warm my heart. They make me believe that under all that childlike glee southerners claim to have for snow, there really IS the ability to think. *pbtpbtpbt*

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