yoga moments

there are moments when i am trying to get back to regular practice…

the moments where i know my practice should be making me feel refreshed and whole, but instead it is labor and grinding as my body tries to remember.

the moments where i have to use will instead of desire.

the moments where something pops and slides into place.

the moments where i feel my strength returning…where sun salutation b makes me feel powerful instead of leaving me panting for breath.

the moments where the stretches are deep, the reaches are energetic, the flow moves me.

and suddenly i am there again…driven by my body’s craving to be one with this feeling and my practice becomes effortless, refreshing, and exhausting in that deeply satisfying way.

today, i felt the pop and slide…the strength and flexibility returning. just a little longer and i can reap the rewards of the climb.

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    1. <glow> i want kisses! 🙂 we’ll be visiting nola from thurs 2/16 until mon. or tues. you should email me ways to get in touch with you so we can see you!

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