yes, i’ll take a side of randomness with that, please!

i am definately in a down-cycle of lj postiness and i asked myself today why that was.

and myself had no good answer. its not like things aren’t happening…i just haven’t had babblemode turned on, i guess.

so for your friday enjoyment, the list of random things i have been thinking about lately:

number crunching
i think i begin thinking about and working on taxes sooner than anyone i know. given, i need to do more legwork than most people, i have an unnatural…interest in it.

i never think of myself as a numbers person, but when it comes to paying bills, balancing my checkbook, doing my taxes, and looking at business revenue, etc i get a sick little pleasure from checking it off my list. i tell myself its getting it done that makes me happy, because i am not really sure i can admit that the process itself is what thrills me 😉

regardless, i am already almost completely done geeking out on what filing seperate vs. jointly does for our taxes, i have harassed all my clients about 1099’s and actually finishing my taxes will be a tiny blip on the radar when i am ready to finish them up.

facts and figures
as is the case every year around this time, i find myself at the top of the Acceptable Body Measurements Scale for Belen.

and as is the case every year, i have kicked myself back onto the lunch salads, the 8 minutes in the morning abs torture, and the yoga nazism. i feel blessed that this cycle happens in such a way that the top numbers are always still well within what i consider healthy and acceptable for my body size, and that the goal of this ritual is simply to remind myself that with a little conscious effort, i can lose a few pesky inches and have a level of strength and body fat that…well, to be honest, makes me want to be constantly naked 😉

i am always encouraged by pulling out last years documentation of measurements and seeing that i have a proven track record of getting down to the ideal measurements within 6 weeks of making up my mind. and i always laugh at myself that it takes about 4 weeks before i get frustrated enough with myself that i actually dig in and DO it as opposed to telling myself i’ll do it.

as per my usual, i spend alot of time thinking about how fortunate i am 🙂 its an homage i pay regularly – each time i laugh or kiss or check off a goal or just walk outside in the winter-that-is-not-winter.

i do!
i find myself looking forward to the joy that will be watching thegypsy & leighster get married in may. and then i daydream about my wedding. and how shockingly painless and wonderful it was. and then we enter another glowmoster cycle. wash, rinse, repeat.

future quest
and thoughts of may remind me that we leave austin in a mere 4 months to begin our trek to the NW. i am glad we came to austin for this year…it has given me a chance to reacquaint with parts of the city i missed, to strengthen bonds with people i love and respect, and to remember why this place was responsible for the happiness i would find in my life.

and at the same time, i look forward to the next part of my journey with great aniticipation.

how are the next chapters going to unfold? 🙂

staying on top
in line with my sometimes rediculous hippiness, each year i spend time looking back over my business’s previous year.

i think about the clients, the workflow, the income, and i evaluate how i am going to continue the prosperity over the next year. unlike many freelancers, my business model has not revolved around maintenance contracts and a base of steady clients. instead, it seems as though each year or so, i am tuning into a new pattern, a new opportunity, and exchanging one stability for another. so far it has worked for me, and this flow has kept my job even more interesting and diverse than i could have done by planning it.

can it continue? this is where the hippiness comes in. 🙂

i really believe that part of my success in this chain of shifts has been that each year, i think about the kind of work i would *like* to be doing…areas of interest, skills i want to develop, technology i find interesting, industries that pique me. its different every year, but it seems as though this conceptualizing goes a long way toward recognizing and pursuing opportunities. if you can dream it, you can be it…and all that crap 🙂

last year’s clients & events lead to two potentially interesting work-avenues. one is creating e-learning courses from content provided by clients/vendors. the other is the courtroom presentations leighster has talked about. bot these areas seem to have unbounded potential for great projects and clients, and i am excited to turn my eyes in those directions.

i already have a call scheduled with a guy at the e-learning company i work with to chat about how someone with my skillset would approach creating a demo course – the software, tools, industry standards, etc. next on the list for slow days is to start poking around to learn more about the courtroom presentation stuff. fun stuff 🙂

and so ends your random update!

3 thoughts on “yes, i’ll take a side of randomness with that, please!”

  1. “just walk outside in the winter-that-is-not-winter. “

    I take that dig personally 🙂

    actually, I’ve been really lucky because this has been a MILD MILD MILD winter so far for this area.

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