returning to the world

mmmm….so much to tell…

busting my ass last week was well worth the sunday-tuesday i took off.

dre arrived on saturday night…and on the way to the airport, i realized that the oncoming traffic on I5 (a *4* lane highway!) was down to *1* lane! so the way back was traffic-jamalicious, but it gave us much time to chitchat in the car…and there *was* forward motion, so it wasnt so bad – only an additional hour.

sunday we hit the Gig Harbor Ren Faire…it was small and dusty and you could only drink inside the fenced in area. however, the weather was delicious, and everyone knows that with andre around, its *impossible* to have a bad time 😉

that afternoon, we headed back to the house, packed everything up and drove the 20 minutes to our campsite (there are about 10 state parks within an hour of here). it was Scenic Beach state park, with spacious woodsy campsites and a stone beachfront overlooking the entire olympic mountain range. not too shabby, huh? 🙂 unfortunately, there was a burn ban, so no campfire 🙁 so instead of jsut feeling semi-spoiled with the airmatresses and big tents, we added to the mix a gas grill. it seemed rather ludicrous 🙂

because our navy household is on this horrifying work schedule of 36 on, 12 off, 3-6 on, 12 off, we chose to camp nearby so they could at least join us for *some* revelry 🙂 dinner on sunday consisted of salmon and roasted veggies, much alcohol and good conversation. lish and james stayed the night with us and left at 5am (ack! that is determination to camp).

monday was a mixture of lazy and ass-kicking 🙂 we spent the afternoon gaming and wandering around…and then we went to check out the other park nearby. and we walked and walked and walked…downhill….to another stone pebble beach. then we had to go up. and i mean UP. we took a different route back which involved a dirt path through the beautiful forest…straight up. switchbacks, inclines and upupup for about a 1/4 mile. and then it leveled out to a nice walk. i swear to god its something about andre and i together on a trail that means switchbacks *will* occur.

dinner on monday was chicken shish-kabab, whole wheat flat bread and a garlic yogurt sauce.

more gaming, more drinking, more pleasant company…another lovely night of sleeping in the woods. (ask andre about the merits of sleeping on 2 slightly leaky air matresses piled on top of one another 😉

and the next day, we eased into the morning, broke down camp and headed home.

i was sooooooooo zen, so relaxed, soooooooooooooooooooo good.

and then i checked my email. 🙂

and work stress made my eyeballs bulge.

and once the fires were out, i made the executive decision to fuck off the rest of the day because i couldnt bear to stare at work yet.

so david made pizza, and lish and i dressed up for our “party” (which is just like any other night here…lots of people, lots of good food, lots of alcohol…only this time we were not in grungy clothes :). we all proceeded to imbibe heavily 🙂

and it was great to drink like that…

until wed morning. when my body said “OH MY GOD, HOW MUCH SUGAR DO YOU THINK I CAN PROCESS AFTER 3 WEEKS WITHOUT ANY???”

hangovers are much worse when you have been restricting your carbs, folks…i do not recommend it 🙂

so after dropping dre off at the airport, i slunk home and tried my best to interact with the world…mostly failing. but i condumed much water, and only good food for my blood-sugar.

and this morning was *much* better 🙂

overall, the weekend was just unbelievable. i had always wanted to have andre with us for a camping trip and i didnt want to let him go. but *perhaps* we can lure him next summer again for more time 🙂

so i got 4 wonderful days with dre…and i gained 2 pounds. 🙂

expect pics on soon.

2 thoughts on “returning to the world”

  1. but damn that was a good weekend. When life gets icky, I try to picture the woods, the company, and the serenity of it all and channel it back.

    I swear hun if I didn’t think the universe would explode on itself, I would kidnap you and david and keep you within driving distance. While we are at it, can I have lish, her house, and the weather?

    Love ya’ 😉

    1. let this be a lesson!

      attention dearest friends!

      let andre be the testiment to the fact that *visiting* me in my travels is good for the soul. in fact, certain clinical studies have linked it with increased serenity, spontaneous laughter, overflowing joy, deep zen-like states, and peace of mind! it is a cure for love angst, job angst, money angst, moodiness, psychodrama, and fear of camping 🙂 sign up today and get 1/2 off the New Years Special of a lovely French Quarter vacation in dacadent New Orleans!

      Thank you,
      The Management

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