Oh the Glory!


i get a dre today!


maybe it was the coffee, but i am sooooo energized and bouncy today!

the scale greeted me this morning with the AMAZING number of <drumroll please> 121!

that means that in just slightly less than 3 weeks of conscious effort watching what i eat and my hot date with “8 minutes in the morning” every day, i have lost 7 pounds 🙂

just in time to bare my midriff in my gypsy silks for the ren faire tomorrow!

also on the Exciting News front, zephyr (the “baby” cat of the family…2 years old, but experiencing his first summer as an outdoor cat) brought home his first “prize”! yesterday, he came in the sliding glass door of the balcony bearing a baby snake who was as yet unharmed. we were all rather shocked and it was a priceless moment 🙂

makes me wonder how well he will take to being restricted to a house again 🙂

off to work so i can PLAY PLAY PLAY when andre gets here 🙂

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