can i sign up for cloning?

there is so much to do and so little belen to go around! i am running so slow this morning…

because i am blessed with wonderful visiting austinites this summer, bob & alex came over last night and hung out. they just moved to LA, but took a trip up to seattle to hang out for a bit. its always great to hang out with bob, and now that he has such a lovely lass on his arm, it doubles the pleasure 😉 we were up late chatting and my poor ass still had to be out of bed by 8. i managed to actually get up by 8:40 🙂

i have been slammed at work, and i just had a client call me and say “hey, you know that project you bid 20 hours to do? well, we kind of need it by 2pm your time today, so can you just throw it together?” <looks at the clock that reads 10am> ARGH! yes, sure, i can be your superhero.

andre arrives at 11pm tomorrow!


so today must also incorporate

1) going to walmart for remaining things on the “Need For Optimal Camping” list
2) hitting the last 2 state parks on our list to scout out the perfect place to camp
3) making the grocery list and accomplishing it 🙂
4) assisting in preparing for the saturday afternoon bbq my roommates are throwing.
5) dropping bob & alex at the ferry to go back to seattle

yah, thats it…just that and a full day of work 🙂

so how about that cloning???

on the bright side, there continues to be less of me to love 🙂 123 and counting. i picked up a whole box of the adkins advantage chocolate & peanut butter snak bars. i had 1 last week and almost died at the goodness! i have never had a snack bar that didnt taste like ass 🙂

so i feel the tug of my day. must depart! and you guys wonder why i never post! *i* never have time to procrastinate in my work days! 🙂

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