the weekend that almost wasnt

i must say that i am mighty glad that my weekend redeemed itself. it was barrelling down the Shitty Weekend road rapidly, and then came screaching to a halt 🙂

on friday afternoon, we packed up the car for camping and then proceeded to deck ourselves out for our dinner out to the Capitale in olympia. its the restraunt that was below our apartment there, and it has the most amazing food! we had 7:30 reservations and sat outside in the evening cool and enjoyed a variety of amazing food and a great bottle of zin. all in all, i did not *completely* abandon my Good Eating, but i put a rather big dent in it…

we spent the night at chris and melissa’s and gamed a bit 🙂

saturday morning we woke up at 8ish, and were on the road to St Helens by 9:30 (only an hour later than i meant to 😉 this is where the weekend started its southward descent. you see, we were *hell-bent* on finding a camping spot.

yes, at a big tourist attraction on a saturday.

stop laughing.

and since we were fixated on the camping rather than hiking lovely trails, seeing breathtaking sights or enjoying the majestic beauty surrounding us, we drive for hours…literally…with no luck. there were sites available at a privately owned (read “corporate ass-rapers”) site that was so ugly and overpriced and run like a nazi death-camp that we just couldnt bear to give them our money.

so it was 5ish, and we were pissed off, cranky, and tired. we drove the never-ending 30 miles up to the famous st helens look-outs and spirit lake. we took the requisite pictures and then grumbled our way back down with the intention of heading back to chris’s and gaming.

and on the way out, we decided to check out the last campgrounds.

and lo and behold, not only were there a few spots, but they were lovely. really really lovely.

so camping won. and within 10 minutes, we were chirpy, happy people, setting up camp, planning dinner and snuggling in for the night.

<SIGHS> after a dinner of beef shish kabab and mushrooms & sweet onions roasted in butter, the world was so right. it was just what i needed to melt a week of work away…a roaring fire, layers of warm clothes, easy conversation and most of all, the peace and serenity of the woods. i couldnt even grumble about the porta-potties.

and again, it seemed i was right on plan for my diet, but alas, one simply cannot have a campfire without smores. so after 2 weeks of being carb-deprived, those smores tasted like the most exotic ambrosia ever consumed. sad, i know, but i just cannot feel guilty about something i enjoyed so much.

mid-week last week, i was at 124, and i figure tomorrow, i can weigh in and just nod and smile. after all, this week i am PMS girl and there is no point in taking anything too seriously because its all probably wacky hormones anyway 🙂

look for pictures of the trip on my blogger

but now i take the much needed shower and tuck myself into bed.

3 thoughts on “the weekend that almost wasnt”

  1. Don’t stress–I shot the diet last night by sharing dessert with Troy, and tonight I drank wine. It’s all good–just go back strictly to 30 carbs or under tomorrow.

    love, M.

  2. the bullets and the blood.

    Washington state right?

    Hmmmmm, 1st Special forces group is right there outside seattle/tacoma.

    the way things are going that just might be a viable choice.

    I am not a happy boy, things are not going well.

    I think I’m starting to unravel. And the funny thing is… I just got off of R&R.

    *sighs* Actually, it’s just the decisions of my past that are catching up to me.


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