finally, a weekend!

my god, has this been a long week! with 50 *billable* hours under my belt (this does not include management salary time and misc time lost in the cracks), my computer owned my soul this week 🙂 this explains the vast silence of my livejournal.

speaking of VAST, i take such joy in the fact that almost *every* time david and i play VAST around an uninitiated person, at some point they ask “who *is* this…they are so good!” 🙂

so my first week of The New Lifestyle has been really good. i think i have finally gotten the proper types of food i enjoy eating, and the effects of drinking 100+ oz. of water a day and eating good healthy food has made for a very stable and productive girl.

the 8 Minutes exercise routines are sooooooooooo painfully easy to accomplish and they leave my muscles that perfect flavor of sore 🙂 it makes me know i am doing something right!

today, i think i experienced my first real “perk”. i was about to hop in the shower, and as i stripped off the pajamas in have been in for 2 days (yup, *that* is how focused i have been!), he looks at me and tilts his head and says, “i think your little tummy is going away!” i figure if the person who sees me naked most often notices something different, that’s a great sign 🙂 whether its true or not, it felt fabulous!

also, i am enjoying reading the Protein Power LifePlan book sooooooo much! it is much less “this is our diet” focused than the original, and it really gets into a lot of anthropology, geneology and biology in an accessable manner. the other thing that seems to continue to bolster my confidence in this change is the fat that “weight loss” is so rarely mentioned…the majority of their work and focus seems to center on disease prevention and control and generally creating the optimal environment for your *body* to be happy.

for instance, i would venture to guess that the average person has *no* idea that your body processes carbs – *all* complex carbs – down to *sugar* before your cells get it. this paragraph from the book made me want to shout it from the rooftops:

“Let’s look briefly at how insulin works. When you eat, the food travels from your mouth, through your stomach, and into your small intestine. The job of your digestive system is to break the food down into its various molecular components – the protein into amino acids, the fats into smaller fatty acids, and the carbohydrates into glucose (sugar) – so that they can be absorbed into the body. Your body can’t absorb complex carbohydrates as they are; it can only absorb them once they are reduced to the basic subunits – sugar molecules. Each carbohydrate food, therefore, has a sugar equivalent. A medium potato, for example, contains a little over 50 grams of starch and other carbohydrates. When you eat a potato, your digestive tract breaks the complex carbohydrate starch into its sugar molecules, which you can then absorb. The 50+ grams of carbohydrate becomes 50+ grams of sugar, or a little more than a quarter cup.”

now, when i read this (even though anassadeina has preached this to me all along), i sat with my mouth open. i mean, really…most people would never dream of eating a slice of chocolate cake at every meal, and yet they would eat the equivalent in rice, french fries, pasta, chips etc. and your body doesnt know the difference by the time your cells get it!

amazing stuff.

so i think the #1 thing i have gotten from this week is how much better i feel *mentally* from actually *thinking* about everythign i put in my mouth. not that i havent indulged, bec i have a bit. i had some wine…i had a slice of pizza. but overall, i consciously made the decision to eat certain things over others bec i knew my body would be better off with them. the mental boost i get just from knowing i am making an effort to be good to myself is pretty damn cool.

4 thoughts on “finally, a weekend!”

  1. What a wonderful find Jason has lead me to 🙂

    You (and apparently Miss M.) are singing my song. I’ve figured out, without the awareness of “Protein Power LifePlan” or similar books, that protein is hip for my brain and carbs are a swift way to feeling yucky. Somewhat disconcerting to reach an evaluation that my sex life in the past has had a beneficial impact on my *diet*.. uh! Hi! Anyway.

    So now I have a book recommendation and will be checking out this protein power writing. I had come across 8 minutes in the morning before, but I couldn’t quite get interested in it. Now it’s again higher on the list.

    thank you triply, miss!

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