Since the very first moment that anassadeina gave me a taste, i was hooked in a deep, lustful, possessive way. i wanted what she had. and yet she held out on me. i suspect she was keeping me coming back for more by withholding what i wanted unless it came from her. she liked that glowing look in my eye when she offered to give it to me…

but behold, last night i succeeded in recreating a very close approximation of her Chicken Curry Soup.


i have an entire vat of the yummy stuff in my fridge, waiting patiently to be ingested for the healthy, delicious meal it is.


2 thoughts on “Victory!”

  1. Carrot Cake Soup is like the taste of watching girls make out.
     - gandalf rumor

    You know, when I added that rumor I was thinking of you ladies.

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