beautiful day in the neighborhood

after a highly enjoyable weekend of camping, my batteries are fully recharged, but i am dragging a little 🙂

while i wasn’t an angel with my food consumption (who can resist a smore??? but i only had 1 each night! 🙂 i did very well because of the pre-planning of food to bring. leaving home the chips, muffins, and typical carb evils did a lot to help. instead, it was a smorgesbourg of jerky, hard boiled eggs, meat, nuts, fresh fruit, lunchmeat and cheeses. any burger or sandwich was on 1/2 a bun. considering i am not well versed in this yet, i do feel pretty good about the general nutrition of the weekend.

we hiked beautiful trails through the forest along the creek. the trees are so majestic there…and when you are hiking with 2 boys, you stray off the path occassionally 😉 that meant climbing up and down some pretty good inclines. i certainly had a stairmaster workout!

after the hell week i had, it was just what the dr ordered.

we were home by noon on sunday, and i couldnt resist spending the afternoon clearing out the sunny weedy flower bed across from the porch…this involved a shovel, a big ass rake and lots of time on my knees pulling out rocks. it was a mess! and then i put some good soil in and planted sunflower and daisy seeds. mmmmmmmm……quality time in the dirt 🙂

by the end of the afternoon, i had 2 days of camping grime on me and an afternoon of Dirt Love and was completely exhausted. so i stumbled over to the newly hung hammock and took a *most* satisfying nap in the cool breeze.

i was awoken by our hungry household and we got sushi to bring home and eat on the porch.

the epitome of a satisfying weekend 🙂

this morning marks the beginning of the “official” effort at being good to myself.

my ass was *dragging* this morning, but luckily, my world is pretty fluid…so instead of getting up when the alarm clock said 7ish, i snuggled with the cat and enjoyed another hour of sleep.

my stiff body struggled out of bed, shrugged on some comfortable clothes and went to face the scale.

july 22: 127 lbs.

the i proceeded to check email, make sure the world was under control and then turned to 8 Minutes in the Morning to tell me what was on my agenda for this morning 🙂

jorge said that i got to do dumbbell presses and the 2 arm row. so i started with some yoga sun salutations which made my body groan and purr simultaneously. and then did my 2 happy lifting excercises. stretched a it.

done. that was really painfully easy.

and unobtrusive.


so now i nibble on 2 really cheesy scrambled eggs and 1/2 cup of fresh fruit. i am currently sucking down water, but eyeing a 1/2 cup of coffee with splenda and a touch of milk 🙂

and once i accomplish some work, i make a heafy grocery list and fetch the Tools By Which To Succeed.

in the meantime, back to the things that make me money 🙂

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